Claire is a New York City-based actress, model, singer, and published writer.  

Hailing from New Jersey, she grew up doing musical theater and playing sports. Now she can mostly be found working on a film set or training for a marathon. 

Since coming to New York, Claire has had the privilege of training with renowned acting coaches Anthony Meindl, Larry Singer, and at the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

Her most recent credits include Judith Middleton in Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It (Netflix) , Jessica in This is our Youth, and Linda Shaw in Stage Door.

"such an outstanding performance. In a couple pages of dialog, she delivered a intimate message and hit a home run." (American Son) 

"[She has] a “girl-next-door” quality who could also move with the skill of a dancer.. every moment felt spontaneous" (The Daily Brief)

"Hampsey’s ability to express character from behind the camera reaches an explosive climax at the moment she is struck by the truck.. the effect is fast and extremely subtle, but her naturalistic work here helps sell the visceral power of the collision, making us feel as though we are right there with her" (The Daily Brief)